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This Project Management Blog will help you develop and improve the skills you need to move from Aspiring Project Manager to Project Management Rock Star!

The articles I publish focus on four main categories...

  1. Why Become a Project Manager
  2. How to Become a Project Manager
  3. How to Rock Your First Project
  4. Project Management Resources

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Recent Articles

  1. Project Discovery: The Fastest Way to Understand Your New Project

    Learn how the Project Discovery process can help you quickly get a high-level understanding of your project.

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  2. What Makes a Good Leader? Key Leadership Characteristics and Skills

    Understanding what makes a good leader is important if you want to be a successful Project Manager. Learn about the two key leadership characteristics of a good leader.

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  3. Project Scope Statement: A Management Tool for Controlling Scope Creep

    Learn why a project scope statement is important and the key elements it needs to control scope creep so you can make sure your projects are successful.

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  4. How Pareto Chart Analysis Can Improve Your Project

    The Pareto Chart is a simple tool that can help you become a better project manager. Learn how this diagram can put the Pareto Principle to practical use to improve your projects.

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  5. The Situational Leadership Model and Theory for Project Managers

    The Situational Leadership Model provides guidance on what type of leadership style to use and when it should be used. Learn how you can influence people you don't have direct authority over.

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  6. Project Cost Management

    Project cost management is one of the most important aspects of project management that you need to master. Learn about project cost estimating, budgeting and control.

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  7. Project Risk Management Basics

    The goal of Project Risk Management is to identify project risks and develop strategies to prevent them from occurring or reduce their impact if they do occur. Learn the basics of risk management.

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  8. Importance of Teamwork in the Workplace for Project Managers

    Teamwork in the workplace is critical for project success. Learn why teamwork is important and the key steps you can take to create an environment for effective teamwork in organizations and projects.

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  9. Different Types of Communication for Effective Project Management

    Effective communication skills are the foundation of a project manager's success. Learn how using four different types of communication can help your project get results.

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  10. Teamwork Theory: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing and Adjourning

    The Tuckman model is one of the most influential models of teamwork theory. Understanding its five stages of group development can help you develop a high performing project team.

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